KPG Corporation:Tube Laminate Press


Tube sampleClick to view larger images

Tube sampleClick to view larger images

Combining its traditional CID (Central Impression Drum) technology with letterpress quality, KPG offers its Rotary Letterpress Laminate Tube Press as the best match for producing high-quality tube laminate for tooth paste tubes and healthcare products. Use of photopolymer letterpress plates allows accurate dots to be reproduced on the tube substrate under the considerable print pressure required for thick and uneven materials.

Unlike modular press designs that require long web pass and produce considerable waste upon starts and stops, KPG's design uses a short pass around the CID, ensuring the least waste in handling expensive tube materials and achieving perfect print register with ease. The ultraviolet (UV) curing system cures printing inks instantaneously to ensure clean product conditions.

KPG 400 and 250 Rotary Letterpress Laminate Tube Presses are producing major brands of tooth paste tubes worldwide for multinational healthcare companies. KPG presses are still offering new innovations and technologies for tube laminate to grow, utilizing its cost advantage and ease of use.

KPG offers 3 types of web change systems for Laminate Tube Presses. While the standard type requires stopping the press to change tube material, the Semi-Auto Type with festoons or Full-Auto Type with fully automatic flying splicer and turret rewind will enable non-stop production, increase productivity and minimize waste. For smooth surface materials, a UV Flexo Laminate Tube Press will also be available.

・Web Width・・・・・・・260mm[Model 250] 390mm[Model 400]
・Print Width・・・・・・・254mm[Model 250] 380mm[Model 400]
・Print Capability・・・・・・・6-8 Color+Varnish
・Print Process・・・・・・UV Flexor or UV Letterpress
・Mechanical Press Speed・・・・150m/min(Flexo)120m/min(Letterpress)
・Print Repeat・・・・・・7.5"-18"(190.5mmー457.2mm)
・Plate thickness・・・・・・1.14mm(Flexo) 0.95mm(Letterpress)
・Central Impression Drum・・・・1000mm or 1800mm Steel Drum(Flexo)
・Central Impression Drum・・・・1000mm Rubber Drum(Letterpress)
・Unwind/Rewind System・・・・・ Standard/Semi-Auto/Full-Auto
・Max Unwind・・・・・・・Φ800mm、3 inch core(Standard type)
・Max Rewind・・・・・・・Φ800mm、3 inch core (Standard type)